The TILE64 processor is a 64-bit mesh/grid architecture processor for the embedded market, and it’s not from any of the big chipmakers.  It is the flagship product of Tilera, a company started by Dr. Anat Agarwal, who worked in MIT’s RAW architecture product as well.  Currently only found on PCIe daughterboards for development and production purposes you will probably be seeing a lot more of the processor in mobile devices.  According to the story on Ars Technica, each of these TILE64 processors can encoding two simultaneous streams of H.264 video.
“A new startup out of MIT emerged from stealth mode today to announce that they’re shipping a 64-core processor for the embedded market. The company, called Tilera, was founded by Dr. Anat Agarwal, the MIT professor behind the famous and venerable Raw project on which Tilera’s first product, the TILE64 processor, is based. Tilera’s director of marketing, Bob Dowd, told Ars that TILE64 represents a “sea change in the computing industry,” and the company’s CEO isn’t shy about pitching the chip as the “first significant new chip architectural development in a decade.” So let’s take an initial look at what was announced about TILE64 today, with further information to follow as it becomes available.”

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