The Ultra X3 1000watt Modular Power Supply has a claims to deliver a full kilowatt of energy efficient power.  PCApex hooked this PSU up to several systems to see how well Ultra could deliver on this promise, and the PSU held between 80-85%.  While multiple 12V rails are missing, delivering 70A to the one rail it does offer will not leave your 8800 starving for power.  Head over to see this PSU and it’s 135mm fan in action.
“Ultra, a word derived from the Latin word meaning ‘beyond’. Used as a prefix it indicates greater than normal quality or importance. Living up to their name ULTRA is known for bringing products to the enthusiast that could be considered beyond that of the normal. For years ULTRA has been on the forefront of the computer enthusiast scene giving us products from Cases and Power supplies down to Flash Drives and Mp3 Players. Today we have the opportunity to take a look at one in an ever growing line of power supplies from ULTRA, enter the X3 1000W Energy Efficient Modular Power Supply. Boasting a whopping 1 Kilowatt of power for you to play with while retaining 85% energy efficiency and full range active PFC. While ULTRA’s claims look pretty good on paper I am curious to see what this unit can do once we get it on the bench.”

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