[H]ard|OCP has put the PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W Quad Crossfire Edition into their PSU torture chamber, and puts this red box under pressure. From the over-sized heatsinks inside the casing, to the wiring guards and the sheer reliability of the unit under load, they felt this PSU lived up to the reputation people have come to expect from PC P&C.  They were left scratching their heads over the Silencer moniker though.

You can read Lee’s review of the same model on our front page, as well as his new review of the Corsair VX450W for those who don’t really need 750W of power.
“PC Power & Cooling is back with a product that has just been introduced to the market. This Silencer unit is rated at 750w for powering the neediest CrossFire video card configurations and has the PCIe video card 8-pin power connector for the 2900 XT overclockers.”

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