At you can find a post detailing every single website that they could find that list hardware Linux compatibility.  From peripherals like printers and digital cameras to graphics cards and laptops.  Not every type of component is covered as well as others, but they all will help you part out a future Linux PC.
“Even when you can take so much support for granted, many pieces of hardware remain a gamble. Since few manufacturers mention GNU/Linux support on their packaging, let alone their Web sites, your only recourse is to search the Internet for information. Your results will inevitably include dozens of pages, many outdated or incomplete, all of which makes sorting and assessing the information a time-consuming, often confusing task full of jargon that only experts can fully understand.

What follows is an effort to list the sites with the most current information available about cards and peripherals. The information varies from the vague to the exhaustive, but, in all cases, represents the most succinct and complete resources of which I am aware.”

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