Antec’s 850 TruePower Quattro has four 18A 12V rails that can handle up to 768W, as well as a nice modular design that makes it very easy to spot the dedicated PCI Express plugs.  Hi-Tech Reviews was worried that the single 80mm fan wouldn’t be enough to keep this PSU cool, but it did the job admirably, and Antec offers a 3 year warranty in case anything goes wrong.
“Antec has recently hit a couple of home runs in the chassis department with their P190 and P-180 cases. Both of these cases offer excellent noise dampening qualities as well as providing huge amounts of storage. The one little secret that everyone seems to have forgotten about is that Antec also has an outstanding power supply division.

For those keeping score the True Power Quattro comes in two different sizes ranging from the 850-watts, which we are reviewing today to 1200-watt unit. Either unit is bound to provide you with more power than most system would ever require.”

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