The HP w2207 is a 22″ monitor with a native 1680×1050 resolution and HDCP compatible DVI connections as well as VGA.  AnandTech found that the extra money this monitor costs has been put into the construction of the frame and stand, which are well constructed, and offer a better range of angles than most cheaper 22″ LCDs.  Unfortunately, the review went downhill from there.
“We’re looking at HP’s 22″ w2207 display today, which at $360 costs quite a bit more than the entry level 22″ LCDs on the market. We previously looked at one such monitor, the Acer AL2216W that currently sells for $230, so one of the first questions we need to answer is what exactly the w2207 provides that the Acer lacks. Other than a few extra features, we also need to look at performance, but for less demanding users we feel pretty confident in stating that you’ll be hard-pressed to find an extra $130 of value in the HP offering. What about those of you who aren’t so easy to please – is there a case to be made for the HP w2207? Let’s find out….”

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