The X-Arcade Tankstick is a very unique device, though the people who will enjoy it are not so rare.   It looks like the front of an old MAME arcade that has been forcibly removed and had USB and PS/2 ports attached to the back.  Plug it into your PC and get gaming by yourself or with a friend, because there are two joysticks and button sets, as well as a fair number of full arcade games to choose from.  OCModShop loved the Tankstick, and it’s warranty that seems to guarantee no matter what you did to break it, they will fix it or send you a new one.
“Do you remember the original Transformers, He-Man, or G.I. Joe? Do you relate to the Goonies? If so, then congratulate yourself for growing up in the 80s. You probably begged your dad to give you your meager allowance in quarters so that you could blow it all at the local arcade. Those blocky-pixel days of yore may be gone, but there really was nothing like hanging out in the arcade. Massively multiplayer games back then consisted of games that supported FOUR players at the same time! (like Gauntlet or many Capcom fighters)

The newest addition to Xgaming’s award-winning lineup remains faithful to it’s arcadian ancestry and injects the most complete and authentic home arcade gaming experience into your home.”

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