One of the biggest games back in the 80’s were the point and click adventure games.  From Kings’ Quest to Police Quest to Leisure Suit Larry, just about every possible permutation of the genre was covered.  For whatever reason the 90’s became the property of Quake and Hexen, and many gamers haven’t looked back.  DriverHeaven reviews The Evil Days of Luckless John, an new PC point and click adventure that looks nothing like the old ones did.
“A few years back it would have been near impossible to find a PC point and click style adventure game, as they were a dying breed. With the big 3D graphics boom players somehow lost interest in the genre for some reason. Thankfully we’re currently experiencing a mini resurgence of adventure games and there seems to be some interest in the genre once again. Evil days of Luckless John does follow the latest trends, so it is fully 3D. It isn’t content to rest on the achievements of other older adventures and mixes some new elements into the gameplay such as physics, which play a part in puzzles. There are also short driving sections and we even get to fire a gun from a FPS style viewpoint. The game is a comedy adventure rather than one that is deadly serious, so it may not appeal to everyone especially as its hard to get comedy in games right (I could write an entire article about this).”

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