The Cirago Smart Mobile Storage System sports a Compact Flash, XD and SD card readers, as well as USB, and contains a standard 2.5″ drive, making it very handy.  OCC did notice 2 troubling problems with this otherwise perfect mobile storage device … it only supports FAT 16/32, and the LCD is very hard to read.
“While I was performing the testing, there were some things that came up that were not related to speed, transfer times, or anything technical. For instance, a few things are a little annoying about the unit, including the power button and the LCD display. To even see what is on the LCD, an almost 30 degree tilt is needed. This is so bad, that the first time I looked at the unit, I thought that I had a defective one. The power button also has some small things that irked me. To power the unit on, a simple press will not do. The button has to be held down for a period of about half a second, then released before the unit will power up. Everything else about the unit was very satisfactory.”

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