The Guru of 3D has three gaming system build to recommend, from a budget PC that should keep your old system in the game to a high end one that is built in the hopes it will be able to handle Crysis.  Read through them, and compare PC Perspective’s own recommendations from our Hardware Leaderboard.
“Guru of 3D brings you the Summer edition of their PC buyers guide. In this article they’ll keep you up-to date on what they think is recommended to buy if you are building a new gaming rig. That right, we say gaming as this is a site that is targeted at gamers. So don’t expect 350 USD “Excel” machines. Keep in mind that what we write here are recommendations, they can be controversial and subjective for you to read. Be sure to read other buyer guides from other media as well to get a complete overview on what’s best suited for your specific situation.”

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