A great way for PC enthusiasts to get extra bang for their buck is by purchasing a slower, and cheaper CPU, and then overclocking it to the point where the PC would make a great EZ-Bake oven.  It’s not always easy, but there are steps to make sure that you can find out what part of your system is preventing you from hitting the clock speed you want.  Processor specific advice from those who have gone before you can really help too, as well as some research into your cooling system.

Frequent overclocking can lead to data corruption in extreme cases, so a good backup regime is your best friend, especially if you like to set up RAID 0’s, or have some saves from a newly released blockbuster game that you want to keep.  If you did forget to back things up, then you can always vent you frustrations over at The Lightning Round, while you are waiting for replacement parts you ordered at the Trading Post to arrive.