(Undisclosed Location) – August 10, 2007 – In February of 2006, a revolution was announced. It was a revolution that would bring gamers to the forefront, giving them a stage from which to display their skills to the world. The KODE5 Global Gaming Revolution brought gamers from 16 countries to one final battle that would take place in Beijing, China. On that faithful day in September, six gamers emerged victorious, besting their adversaries, and proving to the world their claim as the world’s best gamers. As the dust settled, KODE5 returned to the underground; waiting for the time to call the revolution to the forefront once again. To many, it seemed that the revolution had been silenced.

How wrong they were.

Over the past several months, KODE5 operatives have been working relentlessly to plan the next stage of competitive gaming’s next appearance in the world spotlight. Today, KODE5 is pleased to announce the start of its 2007 season, and a new line up of world-class supporters. Today, gamers from 16 countries around the world will begin preparations for a new season of challenges towards the title of KODE5 2007 Global Champion. Gamers will have to first earn their spot in the finals at a regional KODE5 event. From there, KODE5 will fly the winners from each event to a yet undisclosed location to the KODE5 Global Finals – an epic gaming event featuring the very best gaming has to offer. With international media in attendance, television crews broadcasting around the world and fans from all over cheering their favorites on, KODE5 will once again bring competitive gaming to a mainstream audience.

The KODE5 Revolution Returns with Cooler Master, Gigabyte and Corsair - Shows and Expos 2