It is a good idea to restart your PC every once and a while if you are running Windows, it will fix a surprising number of different problems … unfortunately sometimes the reboot it’s self becomes a problem.  A news story this week caught the eye of a few members; it turns out that airborne printer toner is as bad for you as cigarette smoke, in certain conditions.  You can also vote on your favourite program to receive all your spam with in this thread, or pick up some handy Exchange tips in the Networking Forum. 

Anyone who has or wants to built a rendering or engineering simulation machine should keep an eye on this thread, just re-purposing a gaming rig won’t do.  Find out how overclocking a video card can end up slowing you down, and a way to get your speed back in the OCing forum.  Learn why setting up a RAID with 6 Raptors might just be a little overkill, and not actually worth it in any way with the storage gurus. 

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