A drawback to some of the gaming keypads, llike the Wolfking Warrior is that they take up extra space on an already packed desk.  The Timberwolf addresses that issue by attaching an FPS keypad directly to the left side of a QWERTY keyboard, and removing the numpad usually found on the right.  Find out what it did to OCC’s game, and their opponents.
“The Timberwolf takes WolfKing’s original product, the WolfKing Warrior (a circular type keyboard to have beside your regular keyboard), and merges it with a compact version of a full QWERTY keyboard to give you the best of both worlds in one complete package. Now that we have our minds thinking what this looks like, lets take a look at the packaging before we get to the keyboard itself. The front has that gaming feel showing a picture of the keyboard and a Wolf dressed in Desert Camo. The back highlights the features of the keyboard, as well as some review comments.”

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