The Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave gives you a wireless mouse, keyboard and RF adapter; although only the keyboard has anything going for it.  The mouse is a basic ambidextrous design that is equally poor for either hand, and the RF adapter is simply that.  The keyboard offers a slightly split layout, and keys of varying height, designed to match up to the way a hand prefers to sit.  Read how well XYZ Computing thought they did in the full article.
“This review will be looking at the wireless desktop, what Logitech calls the Cordless Desktop Wave. This package, which retails for about $90, includes the Wave keyboard, a laser mouse, and a USB RF adapter to allow them both to connect to your computer. Logitech, despite being a leader in the input device market, has not released many ergonomically-inspired products so this could potentially be an important offering for them. With an more people than ever using their computer for multiple hours a day, the focus on comfort is an increasingly important trend with input devices. The Wave keyboard’s design is not nearly as drastic as some other models available, but the intention is the same- to put a person’s hand in a position that is comfortable and ergonomically sound. The does this by slightly turning the outer edges of the main block of keys to prevent the wrists from being at an unnatural angle and by giving a wave contour to the keys so as to match the varying lengths of your fingers. The Wave also uses a padded wrist rest and tilt adjustments that can place the keyboard at three different heights in order to match the user’s preference.”

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