After news broke yesterday about defective HD2400 & 2600 making it into the resellers channel, AMD has stated that there is no need for a recall.  The defective cards have not been sold to anyone, simply shipped to retailers according to the story they released to DigiTimes.  Unfortunately we are still in the dark as to whether the review models released to PC Perspective and other review sites suffered from this defect.
“At an AMD organized event to promote its ATI Radeon HD 2000-series graphics products in Taiwan, the GPU maker reiterated that the recently discovered issue which has lead to defective Radeon 2600 and 2400 graphics cards shipping to channels was under control, and that a recall request was not needed.

AMD emphasized that the problem is not industry wide and that the company had issued a software fix to solve the problem already. AMD pointed out that none of its partners had requested that it recall or replace the actual graphics chips used in the affected cards.

AMD’s statements that the issue can be solved by updating the BIOS of the affected cards were confirmed by sources at the card makers. However, some expressed irritation that the issue had surfaced at all as they had already introduced the cards to the market and were now facing disruption in their supply channels due to the bug.

On a separate note, sources at Asustek Computer and Gigabyte Technology attending the event indicated that their shipping proportions of Nvidia and AMD-based cards may be 7:3 during late 2007, versus the present ratio of 8:2.”

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