Based on the Unreal Engine 3, Fury combines the speed of a FPS with a MMO game, or as the creator puts it, “Unreal Tournament with swords and auctions“.  OCMODSHOP took a look at this game, and the various unique features that it offers, up to and including it’s fee structure.  If you like the online play of Guild Wars and WoW, but need a little excitement, or just want to try a team based fighting game, this might be right up your alley.
“Fury is a massively muliplayer online role-playing game, but it has fast action like a first-person shooter. I was able to speak with the CEO of Auran, Tony Hilliam, who showed me the current state of Fury. Tony stated that the number one goal of Fury was to create a great PvP game, as most PvP games are an afterthought for an existing single-player game (such as Quake, Half-Life, and Far Cry). He described it as World of Warcraft on steroids, mixed with a healthy dose of Unreal Tournament.

In focusing on PvP, there are no tradeoffs on PvE Elements. As you level up and aquire more goodies, fighting is still about the skill of the player. Part of the skill is matching the appropriate power-ups and using them appropriately. There are over 400 abilities available to the characters, and you can only equip a certain number of them at any one time (based on your current level).”

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