The Sandio 3D Game O’ Mouse has an interesting addition to it, as far as mice go.  It has three four-way HAT switches that allow you to bind a lot more functions to it than you would expect from a mouse.  There is a trade off, there is a lot of weight to the mouse, and lefties won’t be able to enjoy using it.  You can find out how had it was for The Tech Lounge to get used to the extra buttons in their full review.
“Mice are a critical, yet lower cost component of your high performance PC. A cheap $9.99 mouse might not be able to get you very far in your quest to become the champion of your favorite game. Sandio shipped us their new 3D Game O’ Mouse. Quite the mouthful, huh? I’m not quite sure what the “O'” is in there for. Product naming aside, Sandio is promoting the mouse as innovative. By allowing the user to manipulate the mouse with additional four-way HAT switches located within easy reach, the mouse can simulate a full six degrees of freedom – you’ll be able to move throughout 3D space fluidly. It sounds interesting, but how well will I be able to move through space? Will it give me an edge in games? Will 3D applications, like Google Earth and Doom, and 2D arenas, like Photoshop and Warcraft III, be improved by the 6DOF?”

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