The new revision of Western Digital’s Caviar 750GB HDD, the RE2 sports tweaked firmware and RAID optimizations.  As it is an enterprise class HDD they also did more reliability testing, and extended the warranty, which the home user can also benefit from.  The big news is the drop from on Write seek time; from 10.9ms to 9.6ms.  From their testing The Tech Report found that while it is faster than the first revision, the differences will show up more in a server environment than they would on a desktop.

“Lately, enterprise-class hard drives have become increasingly popular in enthusiast systems. The 10K-RPM Raptor is perhaps the best example of this trend, but not the only one. Western Digital’s RE2 line of 7,200-RPM drives has also become favored among enthusiasts for its delicate balance of performance, capacity, and a five-year warranty. And now there’s a new one.

Based on a Caviar SE16 750GB foundation that we already know delivers phenomenal performance with low noise levels, the latest RE2 benefits from tweaked firmware, RAID optimizations, more extensive reliability testing, and extended warranty coverage. Read on to see if those extras are enough to elevate this enterprise drive above not only its desktop counterpart, but also the fastest drives on the market.”

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