It’s hard to say that either the AMD 4X4 platform, or Intel’s V8 lack in performance, as they are going to be a huge jump from current platforms.  Not that is going to let that stop them.  They take reference models of both out for a test drive and benchmark them.  Head over a get a good look at what these platforms will be capable of when they are released to market.
“First off let me say that both these systems are great and owning either one is a privilege as they exceed the normal standards of what most home users need to accomplish their daily tasks. IF you are looking for more than just an awesome gaming rig the Intel V8 platform is an excellent choice for the user who wants to be able to have excellent gaming, and the ability to maximize their efficiency in the workstation arena as well. AMD’s 4X4 platform is a very nice platform for those who want fast gaming and the ability to run most 3D applications at a very good rate.”

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