It would seem that AMD has taken offense to the results that NVIDIA is posting about their image quality in the new HD HQV benchmark.  Apparently AMD thinks that NVIDIA’s drivers are increasing noise filtering to get better scores but that their IQ suffers greatly on other IQ tests because of it.
AMD’s internal testing with NVIDIA ForceWare 163.11 beta drivers revealed the ghosting in both noise reduction test scenes. AMD provided a side-by-side comparison showing the visual ghosting.

DailyTech contacted NVIDIA for an official response. The company denies the alleged cheating optimizations, citing the ForceWare 163.11 drivers are old and had a aggressive default driver setting that causes the ghosting, according to Rick Allen, Notebook and Multimedia PR manager, NVIDIA.

The latest ForceWare 163.44 beta drivers have a less agressive default setting. Users can also adjust the amount of noise reduction applied during post processing with the 0-100-percent noise reduction slider, he added.