As they have been talking about, AMD has released the specs of it’s GPUs … or at least some of them.  The Inquirer has links to where you can find the huge document (over 900 pages in a pdf), so you can get going on figuring out how to get the register to listen to Linux and other open source OSes.  It will probably also cure insomnia in all but the most dedicated creators of Open Source drivers.
“STICKING TO ITS promises to better support the open sauce community, AMD has started to publish specifications for some of its GPUs. First up – in-depth technical docs for RV630.

You can find the specs here. The document is a thrilling ‘register reference guide’, which contains page upon page of fascinating detail, including the revelation that MOP, in 18:16 bits, relates to a DRAM command where parameter 0 results in a NOP.

Furthermore, MEM_STATUS_SEL, in 12 bits, enables 0=Vertical and 1=Horizontal. Sounds like us after a night out with the Mageek – horizontal and with a dubious memory status.

M56 also gets a register reference guide, and more documents are expected to be shared soon over here. Grab the cocoa and a reading light, folks. ”

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