The new model from Antec adds another 12V line, 200W and racing stripes to the old 650W TruePower Trio.  They have managed to put the performance into the 80+ category, and it offers relatively stable power.  Read the full story at Benchmark Reviews.
“Last year the Antec TP3-650 TruePower Trio was still making waves in the market, offering 650W of power for an unbeatable price. This year, Antec has returned with a newly designed and very improved power supply unit: the TruePower Quattro. Available to gamers and hardware enthusiasts in need of either 850 or 1000 watts of power output, the new TPQ-850 and TPQ-1000 are poised to energize even the most power-hungry system. Benchmark Reviews has tested the AC voltage ripple and DC power regulation of many top-end power supplies over the past months, and now it’s time to see how the Antec TruePower Quattro 850W PSU TPQ-850 compares to the field of competition in this hardware review.”

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