If reading through Ryan’s articles and listening to the podcast just didn’t satisfy your need to know more about what happened at the Intel Developers Forum, there is a solution.  The Inquirer has gathered together many links to Intel’s Blog and other Intel sites that have almost the entire content from the IDF.  Get your info first hand.

We have also just posted a new article on general overclocking, and how to go about it.  It’s Atif Butt’s first article, so let him know what you think of it.

“DID YOU MISS OUT on Intel’s shindig in San Francisco? Wish you could have been there, but weren’t? Well, Intel has you covered, it seems, thanks to the wonders of the internet.

You can watch a ‘highlights video’ from the show over on Intel’s blog, which all seems very modern. Indeed, if you want to watch more details from the various keynotes and seminars, Channel Intel on YouTube has some interesting, if low-res videos right here. For those who want the full-on experience, you can re-live the keynotes, complete with slideshows, here.”

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