Noise and Conclusions

Noise Levels and Cooling

Without having several other cases to use a comparison here with me, most of my opinions on the noise levels and cooling levels provided by the Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 case are going to be non-scientific. 

The short and dirty of it is that Cooler Master’s claims of it being “silent” are a bit off, but then again when you have moving air that is going to happen.  The Cosmos 1000 is one of the quietest cases I have used in a long time though including the quality fans that Cooler Master included with it.  The foam along the doors on the side of the case do have a deadening affect on the CPU and GPU fan sounds as well and the various rubber gaskets and linings help to prevent any noise from rattles and vibrations.  That is something I personally can appreciate as one is easily irritable by sound. 

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The heat levels are a bit harder to judge without some thermal testing between various cases, but after putting my own personal system in the case I can tell you that air coming out behind the processor (one of the key indicators of cooling performance) was definitely cooler than that of the same hardware in the Cooler Master WaveMaster case.  No, it’s not a definite answer for those looking for a percentage performance difference, but the case was designed for airflow in particular and you can see it in all the details.

Final Thoughts

Reviewing computer enclosures is always a mix of two parts personal preference, one part design and one part performance.  Cases are generally seen as being all the same but that obviously isn’t the case.  But it’s also obvious that the case enclosure isn’t as important to your system as say, your processor or motherboard selection.  If personal preference is important anywhere and relied on during the build of your new PC, the case is the place to put some style in; and the Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 will do just that with a side of good design along with it. 

The exterior of the Cosmos 1000 is impressive with its brushed aluminum finish, array of top connections and by filtering just about every air intake that the case has.  That last point shouldn’t be overlooked as anyone that has pets or kids can tell you cleaning out your PC is an important and sometimes disturbing task! 

The interior is well laid out and provides ample room to work in during the construction of the system all without a bunch of sharp edge to slice your fingers on.  Hurrah!  Not only that, but very few items in the Cosmos 1000 will require the use of tools as Cooler Master has opted for thumb screws in pretty much every location that they make sense in. 

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The performance of the Cosmos 1000 is impressive as well as the case is able to move enough air to keep the case temperatures low while maintaining a level of noise that is much lower than the standard.  We aren’t exactly talking about a silent case that you might want for an HTPC setup, but for a system this size that can hold even the most powerful systems, the large fans keep the sound at a level acceptable for any desktop PC.

The only thing that might hold the success of the Cosmos 1000 back is its price: currently selling for $185 or so, it’s significantly more expensive than most other PC cases.  The top five cases in our Pricegrabber engine otherwise sell for prices of $75, $130, $110, $105 and $155.  There are also definitely cases that will run you MORE than the Cosmos 1000 especially from manufacturers like Lian-Li and Thermaltake, so the pricing we are seeing isn’t out of line for the quality you get here. 

As I mentioned in the noise and sound section above, I have already started planning a new computer system that is going into a new Cosmos 1000 case.  It just happened to be time for a new build for me, and the Cosmos 1000 came and piqued my interest at the right time.  I have a feeling that it will be doing that for many users for some time to come as the Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 sets a very high bar for all future enthusiast PC enclosures.

Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 Case Review - Silent and Cool - Cases and Cooling 45

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