We have seen plenty of 3rd party coolers for your VGA, that sit atop your GPU and memory to keep the card cool and maybe let you get a bit more speed out of it.  Hardware Canucks have published a review of a unique cooling add on, that should work with most cooling setups on several different cards.  The Thermalright HR-11 Backside Cooler will keep the heat off of the SMDs on the back of the card, and any radiant heat that might be making it’s way through the PCB.  Even with the size of the heatsink, there are instructions on installing it in an SLI/Crossfire rig.

“Thermalright has once again surprised us with an innovative and imaginative design which works better than we would have thought. A backside cooler definitely seems to be a novel idea considering the waves of heat we have felt coming off the underside of an 8800-series graphics card. Even with the rising temperatures, the HR-11 has shown quite well that its positioning can tame the rampant heat of the G80 by lowering temperatures of the GPU core.”

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