The Inquirer has managed to get Crytek to talk about the differences between the DX9 and 10 versions of Crysis, and they have left more questions than answers in their wake.  Physics will not be supported for DX9 gamers in multiplayer, but we don’t know what that will mean for the single player game.  Will there be segregated maps, or will DX10 gamers get advantages over the DX9 people they are playing against?
“There appear to be differences between what the single player will offer and what the multiplayer will bring to the table. Speaking about the multiplayer aspect, according to a posting detailed here, the DX9 version won’t have the spectacular physics advertised in trailers and demos so far, nor will it have a day and night cycle.

This means that the shoot-down-trees gameplay simply won’t exist in the DX9 version, at least in multiplayer, with players reduced to passive interaction with the environment, rather than the active carnage that has previously been promoted.”

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