Rhodium, the metal, is very similar to platinum, though not in the way cubic zirconium is to diamond.  It is also Revoltec’s newest full tower case.  The pair of 120mm fans helps keep the noise down, and there is plenty of space for a big PSU and heatsink.  The only thing that Bjorn3D held against the design is the hex bolts that keep the front panel on, and make it difficult to get off for installation or cleaning.
“PC cases have undergone a huge evolution the last 10-15 years. While at the dawn of the PC era you could only find beige and boring cases, now basically every case looks designed. This of course means that it is hard to stand out from the competition, even more if you are not a big case-company like Antec or Thermaltake.

A little while ago we reviewed the Revoltec Zirconium case, a relatively cheap case from Revoltec which unfortunately scored pretty low and today I am looking at the slightly more expensive, and more exclusive, Revoltec Rhodium case. Will it fair better than the Zirconium case?”

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