AnandTech has published a full review of the Foxconn MARS P35 motherboard, touted as a high performance board with a value price.  The cooling system on the motherboard will keep the Northbridge happy for all but the most extreme overclocking, and should still give enough space around the socket to allow a large CPU heatsink.  The general overclocking settings in the BIOS gave them some problems, but once AnandTech got the hang of it, this turned into a board that is great for overclocking Quads. 

“The first product in the Quantum Series is the Intel P35-based Foxconn MARS motherboard that will soon be followed with an X38-based product. The history buffs will already know this, but for the rest of us, MARS was best known as the Roman God of War. In early Roman history, Mars was the Roman god of spring, fertility, and vegetation while being the protector of cattle, fields, and boundaries. Mars is also considered a chthonic god (earth-god) and this helps to explain why he became a god of death and eventually the god of war. The month we know as March (Martius) is named after him and his Greek equivalent is the god Ares.”

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