The Tech Report revisits their systems guide in the wake of new pricing from Intel and AMD.  While we may not be able to buy all the fancy new toys we are hearing about at the IDF for quite a while, this price war is a boon on anyone building a new system, or looking to upgrade an existing one.  See what new components you can get without breaking the bank.
“With so many pricing changes hitting the processor market over the past couple of months, a new system guide is overdue. As we were busy updating TR’s look and feel, Intel and AMD lowered prices across their respective processor lineups and, in doing so, created two new trends: the effective disappearance of premium dual-core CPUs, and the democratization of quad-core chips.

Indeed, both Intel’s speediest dual-core processor and its most affordable quad-core chip are now available for less than $300. AMD’s fastest dual-core desktop chip also costs less than $300, although the world’s number two processor maker has yet to roll out a quad-core desktop offering.

Join us as we outfit four recommended system builds with these recently-discounted CPUs and provide our take on what parts best complement them.”

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