The quiet release of the AMD 5000 Black Edition has not gone unnoticed on the forums, with a few members wondering if the overclocking potential is going to be as good as AMD implies.   If it is, it may make the choices you have to make when building a system easier, and may mean you can save a bit on the cooling system as well. 

Over in the OCing forum, one of our resident old fart gurus points out why RAID 0 on a gaming machine really doesn’t do anything for you, except allow you to brag that you have a RAID set up.  Overclocking your entire system gives you performance, and bragging rights.  Check out Atif’s front page article, and let him know what you thought in the forums.  You should also check out the epic sized thread that was started in the Cases ‘n Cooling forum which started out as a lament about the state of AMD vs Intel, but has since grown into an all encompassing community sharing session.

Finally, I’ve said it before and I will say it again … your trip through the forums just isn’t complete without dropping by TLR and the Trading Post.