[H]ard|OCP spent a long hard couple of days and nights playing through BioShock in the name of research.  They tried 5 different 8800 cards, the Ultra, the GTX and both GTS (640MB and 320MB), as well as the HD2900 XT in both DX10 and DX9.  The big news is that resolution is what really matters.  If you are on a 17″ or 19″, and can’t break 1280×1024 then there is no point spending the money on a GTX or Ultra, you won’t see much in the way of performance.  You can also see some interesting results from the HD2900 XT against the GTS series.
“BioShock, one of the most anticipated titles of recent history, hit the scene with a resounding BANG, bringing with it foul cries of RootKit! We look past the paranoia to find out what our shiny new DX10 video cards will do for us in BioShock.”

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