When we first started seeing non-conductive fluids being sold for watercooling setups, the advantages seemed obvious.  Unfortunately, the first products to hit the market were very expensive, didn’t cool as well as water, and some even proved to be able to conduct electricity.  PC Apex has revisited the non-conductive coolant market to see how it has improved. As it turns out, the newest product from FluidXP, called Ultra, has made a convert out of their dedicated watercoolers, and not just because of the custom dye job.

You can also catch Ryan’s review of Cooler Master’s newest case, the Cosmos 1000, at the top of the page.
“It flowed the same as the HP and Extreme formulas and exhibited the same properties as its brothers… No odor, no foaming and registered as non-conductive. It is interesting how all of the FluidXP formulas are indiscernible from one another when sitting in a bottle or upon physical inspection. The proof will be in the performance numbers.”

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