The EVGA 8600GTS Superclocked Edition has slightly faster GPU, and 512MB of RAM which is double the RAM on a vanilla 8600GTS.  It’s bigger brother, the 8800GTS also comes in two flavours, the 320MB model and a 640MB.  In benchmarks on Call of Juarez and BioShock, we have seen that the extra memory helps once the in game settings are maxed out, but can the less powerful 8600GTS also benefit?  [H]ard|OCP has done the testing, so you can find out.
“Does size matter? Will we see any advantages to gameplay experience with 512MB of memory on the EVGA 8600 GTS Superclock versus the standard 256MB? Will the extra clock frequency provide any real-world gameplay experiences? We will find out in today’s evaluation.”

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