I am not sure why Kingston named their new 2GB PC3-8500 DDR3 kit as ValueRam.  For one thing, it costs over $400, and more importantly when Virtual-Hideout was doing their testing it performed incredibly.  It looks like the comparisons between DDR2 and DDR3 are becoming much closer as DDR3 matures and DDR2 hits the ceiling in terms of speed.
“It’s great to see another advancement further prove itself in terms of performance and power consumption. The Kingston KVR1066D3N7K2/2G (PC3-8500) is labeled as Value Ram, but performed better than expected as well as exceeding my comparable DDR2 modules. The kit affords some decent overclocking as well which should make any 1066 or 1333 Core 2 Duo users happy. It might say Value Ram on the packaging, but the results suggest that these kits are something greater given the modules available. The last value kit to cross my test bench wouldn’t come anywhere near this kit’s bang for buck level.”

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