Intel’s Skulltrail looks like the kind of system that anyone would want to own, badly.  It’s too bad that when The Tech Report questioned Intel about the pricing, they replied that it will be priced above ‘traditional workstation-class’, which you can probably read as super crazy high price plus time and materials and a bit on the side.   They aren’t even sure what RAM is in this machine, but supposedly it is CL3 and over 800MHz, nor were they able to benchmark it themselves, so we have to accept Intel’s screenshots, for now.

You can also gleam some more information and pictures in Ryan’s preview of this system.
“Intel revealed a number of details about its upcoming enthusiast products centered around its forthcoming 45nm “Penryn” family of processors today, including a few preliminary benchmark results and a peek at a “Skulltrail” platform with dual CPU sockets and support for quad SLI graphics configurations.”

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