Looking for an idea as to the relative differences between overclocked Quads and Duos?  The testing at Hardware Logic may not produce the exact same results as your experiences, but it can give you a hint as to how these processors separate once they have been pushed beyond spec.  You can even look at these scores as something to meet or to beat.

“A couple weeks back, I went on a bit of a rant regarding my experience with Intel’s E6850 processor. While most reviews and several forum posts showed incredible overclocking results, my processor was one of several, as it turns out, which had problems with a low FSB wall when dropping the CPU’s multiplier.

If it were just for personal use, the FSB issue would be a non-issue, but as the heart of my current test bench, the inability to use the CPU multiplier to stress other system components made the FSB problem a real pain in the ass. Not content with the results I saw, I purchased another E6850 to see if the issue was a fluke, or part of a bigger problem.”

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