Matrox who have been making graphics adapters for decades, are most frequently known for their multi-monitor support.   The newest DualHead2Go Digital Edition offers two DVI-I outputs, which can be changed to VGA with the usual adapter.  The real magic is in how much more flexibility you are offered when you compare it to the buit in multiple monitor support that Windows offers, which is what OCModShop focussed on.
“Multi-monitor desktops are starting to become more commonplace as LCD panels and powerful graphics cards get more inexpensive. Not only can you have more workspace when browsing multiple web pages, but you can further enhance your workflow by having several related windows open on different monitors.

There are a few annoying problems with using Windows’ built-in multi-monitor support. For one, the taskbar doesn’t span all of your monitors; cramming all of your open items onto one display. Most games are not multi-monitor aware, either, so playing ultra-widescreen games across multiple monitors hasn’t been possible – that is until you use one of Matrox’s external multi-head adapters. Matrox has now unveiled one of their latest products, the DualHead2Go Digital Edition, which opens up a whole new world of work and gaming possibilities.”

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