X-bit Labs tested the Corsair Flash Voyager 8GB against the 8GB Seagate USB Pocket Hard Drive, to see which portable solution offers the best way to get your data while on the go.   Both serve the same purpose and hold the same amount of data, but the Corsair is flash based, while the Seagate product contains 1″ platters similar to the ones found in all HDDs.  Without even testing the durability of these two portable storage solutions, they can spot a clear winner based on speed.

If you are looking for bigger, less portable storage, then check out Ryan’s review of the Western Digital WD7500AAKS 750GB Hard Drive.
“Hard disk drives built on 1-inch platters and USB flash drives. Same size, same storage capacity, same functionality. But similar technologies very rarely can exist side by side: competition inevitably eliminates one of them. Which one has better chances today?”

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