Get your reflexes and team spirit ready, the Quake Wars demo comes out on Monday.  We don’t know exactly what you will be missing graphics-wise, but apparently it should be perfectly playable on a 9800 or equivalent graphics card.  Check out The Tech Report for the links you will want to bookmark.
“Splash Damage and id Software have pinned a date on the release of the demo for their upcoming multiplayer shooter, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. As Shacknews reports, a Splash Damage Community Manager has revealed that the demo is scheduled to come out on September 10—next Monday—for the PC.

The full game is set to follow about three weeks later with a slight head start in Europe and Australia, where it will hit stores on September 28. North American gamers will have to wait until October 2 before they can get their hands on the title. Shacknews says the retail game will be available in two flavors: a $49.99 standard edition and a $59.99 limited edition, which will pack a “premium slipcase”, a bonus DVD, and a set of ten collectible cards.”

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