Check out the Antec Veris Fusion Black 430 Media Centre HTPC case and it’s A/V cooler, which are up for review at OCC.  The case’s design will look right at home in an entertainment center, and should have no problems fitting into a cabinet.  Antec has also added an LCD panel to the front to give you a nice choice of information to display at a glance. The extra heat that the HTPC will generate won’t have a chance to fry any components if you also install the A/V cooler, and may help out your XBox 360 as well.

“The case is made of steel with an aluminum faceplate, so it’s not the lightest case on the market. On the front of the case you’ll notice a small LCD screen, a volume knob, power button, reset button, two USB ports, a firewire port, headphone jack, and microphone jack. I think the case looks extremely slick and in a way it does look like a receiver. The case shows fingerprints easily, which is evident in the pictures.”

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