Madshrimps looks at a pair of products that will help any addicted modder from killing their PC or having to redo the mod several times over the life of their PC.  The adhesive thermal pads perform about the same as other brands of thermally conductive double sided tape, but they stick much better.  No longer do you have to reseat all of your heatsinks if you nudge your PC, these pads will hold up a dangling 500g heatsink.  The protective core rubber cutouts prevent said 500g heatsink from crushing your poor defenseless GPU.
“Upgrading your cooling is not always the success you hoped for: thermal pads with bad adhesive, weird mounting mechanisms, or even worse a crushed processor core! All those things might sound as familiar for you as it is for me, luckily Microcool has the answer, I take a look at their Thermattach T411 & T412 thermal pads and core protective rubbers.”

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