The PQI Intelligent Flash Drive i810 is an example of small thinking at it’s best.  512MB-2GB of storage in a 2 gram, 1.18 x 0.6 x 0.2 inch package, with a normal sized loop to feed a clip or string through and a retractable USB port.  ExtremeMhz was already impressed with the compactness of this tiny storage solution, and were blown away by the performance.
“When it comes to flash drives, there is really only one company that is unrivaled in terms providing all with the smallest flash drives available. In fact, other than one particular drive I managed to find that was recently reviewed here, PQI remains the king of things small when it comes to flash drives. It all started with the Intelligent Stick 2.0. This tiny drive sparked so much interest since its release a few years back. Now, they continue to earn this unattainable label with the release of their new Intelligent Drive i810. Not only is this drive remarkably small, but a few welcomed changes in design make it a better product overall and one that will certainly interest many. Stick with me here because when you see both its performance & price tag, you’ll probably want to pick one up right away!”

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