Love the series or hate it, you will be seeing a lot of press about the final installment of the game that made the Xbox what it is today.  Halo 3 is out, though you may have trouble finding it on the shelves, as Microsoft’s hype machine worked perfectly again, and people lined up for hours to get the game at it’s midnight release.  Ars Technica can give you a look at what this new sequel offers to dedicated Halo fans, without giving away the plot or any secrets while they are at it.

“After a three-year wait and the birth of a brand new console generation, Halo 3 is set to hit stores on September 25. Halo 3 marks the final part of a long-standing tradition for Microsoft’s gaming platform. What started as an unassuming title for Macs has gone on to spawn not only one of the most successful franchises in all of gaming, but a generation of gamers raised by the unassuming but ever-vigilant John 117, Master Chief. Halo is Microsoft’s Mario: an icon of and a benchmark for the system itself. It has become Microsoft’s image in the gaming industry.”

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