If you were to design a house to live in, chances are that every room would have at least one ethernet jack, just in case the WiFi went down, but what kind of cable should you use, so that you don’t end up having to redo all your runs in a few years?  The Networking forum can help you, and you can also get a great explanation of what IP address that end in a “/” are all about. 

You can catch up on the one component that is missing from the Hardware Leaderboard in the Cases and Cooling forum.  If you are curious as to why it isn’t on the Leaderboard, you will have to listen to the new podcast.  You can also follow the adventures of building a Folding@Home farm, and the struggles of trying to get multiple PSUs in the same case.  Head to Windows forum for suggestions on what AV software to switch to once you get tired of Norton, and head to the Trading Post to get rid of any components you are tired of and to pick up new ones.