Check out the hard work that The Tech Report put in over the weekend, benchmarking a Barcelona based server. The put the Opteron 2350 against a Xeon E5345 and  Xeon L5335 as well as the Opteron 2360 SE against the Opteron 2218 HE and Xeon X5365.  You will be able to see how it performs against older Opterons, the best Xeon in the line and more.  The L3 cache they have added is definitely a double edged sword, and it will be interesting to see how much increasing it’s speed, the speed of the memory controller, will benefit Barcelona.

Make sure you catch Ryan’s look at this chip and the tech behind it, we haven’t seen everything this new architecture can do, yet.
“Somewhere around mid-morning this past Friday, a rather large package made its way into the depths of Damage Labs. Inside was a server containing something very special: a pair of AMD’s new quad-core Opteron processors. The chip code-named “Barcelona” has been something of an enigma during its development, both because of questions about exactly when it would arrive and how it would perform when it did. After a long, hot weekend of non-stop testing, we have some answers to those questions. AMD is formally introducing its Barcelona-based Opteron 2300-series processors today, so the time is now. As for the performance, well, keep reading to see exactly how the new Opterons compare to Intel’s quad-core Xeons.”

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