Ontario, CA, Sept. 25, 2007 – XFX welcomes the most affordable and graphically intense triplets ever delivered. The XFX nForce 630i with GeForce 7150, nForce 630i with GeForce 7100, and nForce 610i with GeForce 7050 motherboards are genetically programmed to deliver a premium graphics experience on Windows Vista, including Flip 3D, translucent window panes and taskbar preview.

Designed for Intel-based PCs, these motherboards support a full range of Intel CPUs (from Core2 Quad to Celeron) and DDR2-800 memory. Better still, these little darlings connect users’ media PCs directly to the latest High Definition displays with HDMI or DVI output.

Every motherboard comes with an NVIDIA GeForce GPU, for exceptional graphics performance and an amazing Windows Vista experience. Add 1 GB of system memory and users can upgrade their experience to Windows Vista Premium.

Other features include Microsoft DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 for top-notch compatibility and performance on all DirectX 9.0 applications; single-link DVI support to drive flat-panel displays supporting single-link TMDS; PCI Express; NVIDIA nForce storage, NVIDIA RAID and MediaShield technology, and NVIDIA nForce networking. HDMI and high definition audio are additional supported features.

But the real news here: these babies fit every budget.