Antec’s Neopower 650W Blue PSU offers you 3 19A 12V rails, as well as some nice modular cabling.  It’s price is well below $200, offering a great value for those who don’t feel the need to get a kilowatt or more of power into their case.  Hardware Canucks feel that the efficiency and ripple will satisfy anyone who can’t afford to run out and pick up a PCP&C PSU.

“Considering its price of less than $140, the Neopower 650W Blue represents a phenomenal value for the performance it provided right across all of our tests. At lower loads, it is the most efficient power supply we have ever tested even though its efficiency decreased as load increased. The voltage regulation and ripple suppression are beyond reproach and really highlight how well the Neopower can handle nearly anything you can throw at it.”

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