There are two brand new bits of news out today, one for Windows users and one for fans of Ubuntu.

Benchmarking addicts will want to head straight to Techgage for a look at Futuremark’s new system benchmarking suite, Vantage.  They’ve dropped two things from this version that will probably get more than a few backs up. The first is the lack of a free version; you can download and run it once, but in order to ever benchmark your system again, you will need to drop $6.95 for the basic version.  The second decision is to make this a Vista only version.  If you are still running XP, and most of you are, then stick with PCMark2005.

For those that have abandoned the wild world of Windows, the new Ubuntu 7.10 has arrived.  Head over to Ubuntu and get your Gutsy Gibbon on.

“Futuremark’s latest PC performance analyis tool is here. PCMark Vantage is the result of two-years worth of development and becomes a worthy replacement for PCMark 05. We take a quick look at what’s new, what to expect and what you will be paying. Yes, we said paying.”

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