[H]ard|OCP takes a quick and dirty look at the performance you can expect to see from Episode 2, when the Orange Box finally becomes available.  Not only do you get an idea how this game will play on AMD and nVIDIA, but there are a few screenshots you haven’t seen yet, of an interesting environment.

Also, check out Ryan’s updated look at DX10 performance.  He tried out the current high end graphics, in single and dual, on the latest DX10 games to see how their performance differed very recently, and now AMD has released the brand new 7.10 driver, so he has to do all the work again.  Take a look and see what kind of improvements have come to Crossfire.

“Half Life 2: Episode 2, Team Fortress 2 and Portal have just been released to anxiously waiting gamers everywhere. It has been an excruciating wait considering Episode 1 was released on June 1st of 2006, over one year ago. While Episode 2 may not push the boundaries of graphics by offering DirectX 10 graphical effects, it none the less offers spectacular DirectX 9 graphics with a few tricks up its sleeves, including the ability to offload particle effects to the GPU and of course massively fun gameplay.”

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